I am new too!

In chronological order:

February 9 2011: Now 31 Tila Beads colors in stock.
October 21 2010:Bead shipment arrived. Many of the out of stock beads are available again. New: Tila beads (TL) and Long Magatama Beads (LMA). Soon to be seen on this website.
May 4 2010: 93 New colours for the Round Beads size 11/0. Also the new Duracoat beads! (Serie 4200) Missing photos will appear in a few days.
April 11 2010: Shipment with purse frames, books and Olympus Yarn has arrived.
April 6 2010: 34 New colours in Miyuki Round Beads size 8/0. Now 219 colours in stock.
November 4 2009 : New in stock: Miyuki Cube Beads size 1.8 mm (SB18).
January 31 2009 : New in stock: Toho Charlottes size 15/0. Charlottes are round (seed)beads with one facetted side (1-cut), resulting in sparkling effects. See page "TOHO Charlotte Beads size 15/0 serie 15CH".


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