Prices are all-in but costs of shipment are excluded.

There is an order minimum of Euro 10,00.
This amount is related to the ordered beads etc excluding the cost of shipping.
Orders below euro 10,00 will not be executed.
The mimimum order amount is not charged in case of incidental small orders concerning a former order where you found out that you will be short of a bag of beeds or so in order to be able to finish your beading project.

There is a rebate for larger orders.
A discount of 10% is granted if your order amount (without shipping cost) is Euro 250,- or more.
This discount relates to a single order, not all your smaller orders added together !

Ordering information: Preferrably by Email, but also by old fashioned snail-mail.

Standard Order Procedure (SOP): You can order by sending us (info@kralenwerk.nl) an Email in which you mention the amount & ordering information of the items you want to receive and your name, adress & country. We will answer by Email and give you prices & costs of shipment. Payment must be done in advance so then next step is that you transfer the amount to our IBAN (International Bank Account Number) After the payment has reached us we will ship the items to you and inform you by Email.

European payment: From an EU country in Europe (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Austria, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom or Sweden) you can transfer the payment free of charge if you use an international transfer form, mention our IBAN and BIC (Bank Identifier Code) and choose for SHARED bank fee settlement.

You can also pay by means of the PayPal service to info@kralenwerk.nl
Please make the payment in Euro's.

The items are travelling on buyer's risk. The shipment can be registered and insured on demand at cost-price.

Changes in price, colour and size as well as typo's are reserved.


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