Step 2. Knitting your purse, bag or pouch.

Note: Translating the technical words of knitting with beads is difficult for me. Hopefully you can grasp the intended meaning but be warned of lingual misfits or wrong translations. I should be happy to hear any lingual improvements you suggest.

In general:
Knitting is done from the underside to the top. Start with casting on a number of stitches. Then knit one row. Then knit one row, one purt etcetera. Then join the beads in the knitting, knit into the back loop of the stitch, yam round needle, push the bead through the stitch, and change from left to right needle. During the knitting the beads are on the frontside of the knitting needles.

Cast on:
Divide the number of stitches over 4 needles, for example at a pattern width of 50 stitches the distribution is 13-12-13-12. Because of the closing of the knitwork now put two stitches more on the first needle and two less on the last needle (15-12-13-10). The closing is executed by knitting on the fourth needle the two extra stitches of the first needle. Then the number of stitches is again the same as the cast on number of 13-12-13-12. After this you can start with the knitting. The needles then form a square.

First needle: 1 stitch, 1 yam round needle, finish row.
Second needle: finish row minus one stitch less, now 1 yam round needle, knit last stitch.
Third needle: Same as first needle.
Fourth needle: Same as second needle.
In the next rows the yam round needle with a bead is knitted and the increase as mentioned above at "first, second, third and fourth needle" untill the end of the increase. In that row only the yam round needle is knitted.

1. Casting on the first stitch.

2. Casting the stitches on the first needle.

3. Executing the stitch.

4. The correct number of stitches is on the first needle.

5. Casting the stitches on the second needle.

6. The correct number of stitches is on the second needle.

7. Casting stitches on the third needle.

8. The correct number of stitches is on the third needle.

9. Casting stitches on the fourth needle.

10. The correct number of stitches is on the fourth needle. Now close the knitwork.

11. Closing the knitwork.

12. Knit one row, then knit another row, then purl one row.

13. Now the beads come into the knitting.

14. Knit into back and yam round needle.

15. Push the bead through the stitch.

16. The bead is knitted, now change from left to right needle.

17. Here already a small piece of knitwork is ready.

18. Increase.

19. Yam round needle.

20. The yam round needle is executed.

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